Wind Up Radio Flashlight Flashlight




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Vendor: Patriot General Store




Color: Yellow + Black
Material: ABS
Size: 20cm*13cm*6cm (L*W*H)
Power supply: Solar power, hand cranking dynamo, (3 AA batteries powered), USB cable charging
Super bright flashlight with 5 LED (front), ultra emergency lamp with 8 LED (rear)
AM/FM radio, external speakers
90dB alarm or more
External 5V power input charging
USB ports: Output function, for charging various mobile phones, digital products, .....
Powered by 3 AA batteries: When the dry batteries work, automatically cut off the built-in lithium battery.
Lithium battery capacity: 3.7V 500mAh (built-in products)
LED Quantity: 5LED (front), 8LED (rear)
LED life: 100,000 hours
Hand power generation: 5V/300-400MAH, solar charging: 45MAH
Radio frequency: FM: 87.5 --- 108MHZ or 76-90MHZ AM: 520-1710khz
Alarm: More than 90dB
Interface type: DC OUT 5V mobile phone charging interface and digital product charging interface.

1. When you're done, please manually charge more than 120 rpm to ensure that the battery is in a good storage state. Meanwhile, make sure the Function Switch is on OFF.
2. During the charging by being wound up, make sure the charged product is in off state, especially mobile phone or digital products, otherwise it will affect the charging efficiency.

Package includes:
1x AM/FM Radio Flashlight
1x Chinese & English Manual
1x USB Power Cord